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Since 2016, Vanessa and Sébastien have teamed up on several projects.

The duo soon embarked on a number of personal and professional projects. Real estate investment projects quickly became an important part of their lives. Vanessa already had a number of real estate projects under his belt, and Sébastien, an architectural technologist by profession, brought with him a technical background essential to delivering excellence to their customers.

Working with Vanessa and Sébastien means getting the best of both worlds.

This is exactly what makes Vanessa and Sébastien a winning asset for their customers. On the one hand, Vanessa is a dynamic broker, a negotiating pro who defends her clients’ interests. She is the spark plug for all the projects she takes part in. Always in solution mode, no problem scares him.

As for Sébastien, he’s the lighthouse in the storm. Calm and reassuring, he is loved by his customers and all professionals in the field. With his extensive knowledge of the construction industry, he brings a different perspective to real estate transactions. You’ll be served by a down-to-earth broker.


Single-family property

Buying and selling a home is a busy process.

From property search to pre-purchase inspections, visits and negotiations, there’s a lot to consider.

Vanessa has developed expertise in the Outaouais market, especially in the Mont-Bleu and Hautes-Plaines areas, and offers outstanding service.


Right from the start of his career, Sébastien was introduced to secondary properties, commonly known as “the chalet”. Often bordered by water, this type of investment requires a different kind of experience that not everyone possesses.

As for Sébastien, he quickly developed this specialty. He is the master of the region’s many bodies of water. He knows the standards and regulations of the various municipalities. Whether you’re talking about protecting buffer strips, short-term leasing or due diligence to protect your future purchase, he’ll be your guide through the process.

If you’re planning to buy a second home, contact him – he’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements and share his extensive knowledge with you.


Are you a broker?

Are you an Ontario real estate broker whose clients are considering buying a property in the Outaouais region? Our bilingual service and relocation expertise make us the ideal partner for your customers. Work with us and rest assured that our service will meet your standards. Our knowledge of the Outaouais market and sectors, and our excellent customer service are sure to satisfy your customers.

Referring to us gives you peace of mind.

Referring to us gives you peace of mind.

Who we are

Are you looking to entrust the purchase or sale of your property and don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a different approach to the ones you’ve been offered so far? Vanessa and Sébastien aim to offer you an accessible approach that fits in with your lifestyle.

Entrust them with your project and be accompanied by two real estate enthusiasts whose sole aim is to support and advise you through the sometimes intense process of buying or selling a property.

Realize your real estate project with Vanessa and Sébastien, right now.

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